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  • Using Your Boggart To Heal

    What would your boggart be? The first thing that comes to mind is probably humorously glib. When I’m being funny, for example, I’d say it’s a Hogwarts Legacy spider. 
  • The Boy Who Loved

    Loving people is hard. They make mistakes. They hurt us. Sometimes worse. I, personally, can often be heard saying I don't like people. But Harry P...
  • Our Values

    How we are working towards a better fandom community.
  • Why You Should Respect Severus Snape

    A deep look into why Severus is hated, and more importantly, why he shouldn't be.
  • 2020 Wrapped

    Basically, we are so grateful for last year and so incredibly excited to show you what else we can do. Surviving 2020 was hard. The world was bleak, but this community brought joy and hope. Hopefully, we brought you some, too. 
  • Happy Birthdae Chocolate Cake Recipe

    I share my perfect chocolate cake recipe. Apparently I am a worse decorator than Hagrid, but I promise the cake is the bomb.
  • Adult Dole Whip

    The pineapple treat you know and love, but with an alcoholic twist. We all might as well enjoy these stay at home weekends!
  • Diversity at Hogwarts

    We stand in solidarity with ALL Hogwarts students. Our thoughts and suggestions on the way forward for the community.
  • Why Housepride is Overrated

    Why are we so obsessed with our Hogwarts houses? Shouldn't we embrace the best of all four instead?
  • Putting Together A Fandom Easter Basket

    Making a good adult easter basket is difficult. The internet is full of ideas that essentially boil down to beauty supplies for women and alcohol f...
  • A Potterheads Quide to Surviving Quarantine

    Best magical ways to distract yourself during social distancing. Because why not make this dark time a bit more magical?