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A Potterheads Quide to Surviving Quarantine

If you are on this blog post, I think it safe to assume that you have already re-read and re-watched the Harry Potter series countless times. If you haven’t please proceed to do so now. Each encounter with the series I have had, I discover and gain so much more. That being said, as I got older ( I am turning 25 this year… EEK!) some of the magic feeling was lost for me. The following ideas helped me still love the wizarding world as much in my adult life. Now more than ever we could all use a bit of magical escapism in our lives. 

1. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Podcast

I know this one sounds super strange. Even though I do actually consider Harry Potter to be a very religious experience treating the books as sacred books sounds crazy as heck. HOWEVER, it is not weird at all. They simply mean that they are using methods sacred text readers use to get a closer look at the wizarding world. Basically they examine each chapter through a theme. Their philosophical discussions are such a treat. More so than anything off the trolly. I highly recommend rereading the series with this podcast. BONUS! They also have a women of Harry Potter edition to this podcast which I also highly recommend. 

2. Magical Instagrams

Somehow I didn’t know these were a thing until last year, but there are some truly delightful wizarding accounts. Imagine the Gildroy Lockharts of the muggle world. These posters now how to make a damn good magical facade. These are my personal favorites that always spark feelings of pure wonder. That being said, a quick hashtag search will turn up dozens of other excellent choices.

@dapperministerofmagic : the account of the newest Minister of Magic. It appears that even wizards have taken to gramming. 

@clemintinehobby : such a fun, unique staging of Potter goods. 

@nimbusthewizard : puppy Potter -- need I say more?

3. Harry Potter Games

If you are lucky enough, or unlucky depending on who you ask, to be with others in your isolation these are my two personal favorite, witchy fun games. Battle of Hogwarts and our own game, Exploding Horcruxes. 

4. Great Feast Worthy Cooking

Pinterest is brimming with excellent ideas for this one. Or you could always just improvise and do your favorite sounding things from the books. I picture the feasts as full of comforting foods. And of course, don't forget your magical treats for dessert. 

5. Potion Master Cocktails

We could all use a fun drink to survive these times whether that is alcoholic or not. Check out Pinterest for a gazillion ideas. Best part? You can drink your themed cocktail while doing anything else on this list. 

6. Harry Potter Bath

I always feel like I am in the prefect  bathroom with a truly magnificent bath bomb/ bubble bar. While LUSH is always a great option, I personally switched to LovegoogBathPotions a few months ago. They are beyond magical.

7. Diagon Alley Shopping

You could also use this time to rearrange and add to your Potter collection display. My personal favorite places to buy new merch are Conjure Studios, SwishandFlickco, and of course our own shop FanCornerCreations.

BONUS: While doing any of these tasks listen to the soundtrack music. It is bound to make the experience more magical.