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2020 Wrapped

What a rough year. For everyone. And yet, once you write down everything you accomplished you realize that it was actually pretty damn awesome. They say that you can’t experience good without also feeling the bad. I think that’s the perfect way to sum up 2020.  By coming so close to ruin, we got the privilege of seeing our fans rally around us. So cheers to 2020. It brought out the worst in humanity, but also brought out the very best. 

In the past year we’ve thrived despite a pandemic. This isn’t to say that it was easy. There were multiple points where we thought we would be completely ruined. Sales disappeared for awhile as the pandemic ravaged the country, supply chains were impossible to manage, USPS caused massive delays. The issues went on and on and yet, with your help we did the following things. 

We started our own website,  reached 1000 instagram followers, and in one weekend we raised $780 for the ACLU. 

We created a bunch of new products. Here were some of your favorites. Click to shop. 

New products including blue french horn, friends pickle jar, friends photo frame, prefect badge earrings, harry potter patronus earrings, friends sofa, pensieve minature.


We had our first wholesale order. Dole whips blew up, dye didn’t work and we had to do it all twice but we got those cuties out the door in the nick of time. 

We started blogging. 

What to do in qaurantine as a potterhead, potter fan, why house pride is overrated, how to make your own harry potter birthday cake

We started TikToking, we got our first ever brand reps (@samanthakumal and @clementinehobby), and we posted loads of fun content. Here's some of your most liked: 

thestral earrings, vanishing cabinet minature, prefect gryffindor badge, quidditch captain badge


Basically, we are so grateful for last year and so incredibly excited to show you what else we can do. Surviving 2020 was hard. The world was bleak, but this community brought joy and hope. Hopefully, we brought you some, too.