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Why Housepride is Overrated

Recently, someone remarked how strange it was that my couch has all four house pillows on it. To them it would make more sense to just represent my actual house: Gryffindor. Their surprise grew when they realized that it is not just my pillows that represent different houses. My quidditch sweater may be Gryffindor, but my apron is Ravenclaw. Most people could forgive this contradiction categorizing me as a “Griffinclaw”, but alas, my reusable shopping bag has a HuffleBadger on it and I even possess items of the worst house of all-- Slytherin. 


I didn’t realize until my friend stared at me in utter bafflement how very strange my relationship with Hogwarts houses is compared to the Potter fandom at large. 


Most people represent just their house. 


Now that I know to look for it, I see this everywhere. Though my bag makes everyone smile, many say they couldn’t buy it because it’s not their house. And if I comment that someone’s green and black sweater looks like an awesome Slytherin reference they are aghast. Don’t I know that they are Ravenclaws?  It is like we all have an existential crisis if a stranger thinks for even a minute that we are in a different house than we actually are. 


But let’s get real. 


We are not Hogwarts alumnis. 


We are muggles. 


Many of you are angry right now because I am cramping your fantasy world, but hear me out: Not actually going to Hogwarts frees us up to enjoy everything the fantasy has to offer. 


If we were actual Hogwarts Alumni we couldn’t cheer on a different house because we would still be bitter about the time Madam Hooch missed a foul that led to them winning the quidditch game. As muggles, however, we can appreciate everything each house has to offer. 


Each Hogwarts house represents a valuable trait. All together, someone would be the ideal person. Think about it: the courage of a Gryffindor, the kindness of a Hufflepuff, brains of a Ravenclaw, and ambition of a Slytherin. Slytherin racist tendencies aside, ambition is a fantastic quality in a person. So why not embrace the good of every house?


Let yourself enjoy different house colors to suit your mood or as my mother in law does, to suit your color preferences. Sometimes it feels good to be bad.


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