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Diversity at Hogwarts

For those of you reeling from JKR's comments — let me remind you: she may have created the wizarding world, but it doesn't belong to her anymore. While the books were inclusive in some ways, we all know they fell short in many more. Despite themes of love, minorities were largely missing from both the books and movies. But now, as we have all embraced magic into lives, we have the opportunity to build a better, more inclusive Hogwarts. 


Just as Neville stood up against the first years being used as target practiced, so will we rise up against anyone who makes our fellow students feel unwelcomed or unloved. 

Picture this: 

Gryffindors will stand up to the bullies. 

Ravenclaws will decimate them in verbal debates. 

Slytherins will exploit their weaknesses. 

All while Hufflepuffs make it their lives missions to make everyone feel welcomed. 


I want to take a moment to highlight some awesome, diverse Pottergram accounts that I know of. If you haven't seen these before, I encourage you to go check them out. 

Pottergram accounts. @dapperministerogmagic @themagicallatina @elymentsofmagic @thefinestauror26

(Left to right: @dapperministerofmagic, @thefinestauror26, @elymentsofmagic, @themagicallatina)


And to all of you feeling unwelcome recently by the magical community, know that you are loved and desperately needed here. 


UPDATE: This blog post was written on Saturday, June 13 2020. By the time it was set to be published one of the foremost minority accounts, @iamblackharry , was hacked and deleted from Instagram. This is not a coincidence, but rather a malicious, targeted attack on diverse Hogwarts voices. You can follow this amazing wizard on Youtube, but I hope this story makes you just as angry as we are at FanCornerCreations.