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Our Values

As a country and fandom, we have all had to face long overdue truths in the past year. A Lot of us have struggled to know what, if anything, these reckonings meant for the worlds we love so much. While I respect everyone’s choice regarding their relationships to fandoms, I believe that fandoms are a living, breathing thing. The original works in any fandom are flawed. But what I love about the nerd community at it’s best is that as we rally around those that were not represented well and make space for them. And we demand creators do better going forward. Unfortunately, I am aware that outside of my circles, this doesn't happen as often as it should. To help make sure our brand’s platform remains a place for all to find magic, we are committing to the following things. 

First, we are committed  to working with diverse influencers. Different body shapes, races, and genders. We are extremely small so we don’t work with a large amount, but when we do, we will take this very seriously. Every influencer charges different rates and some do not appreciate small businesses. That being said, if you know someone whose account you think would be great, please help us out and send us a DM with their handle. 

Second, we have an open DM and commenting policy. If there is something fandom related you want to discuss — reach out. If I share an opinion that you disagree with, I want to hear that, too. My sincere hope is that FanCorner isn’t just a place you come to purchase things (though we are a business so I for sure appreciate that, too). Ideally, I am trying to create a space where nerds can be inspired and entertained. That means community is our #1 focus. We want all to not only be loved on our pages, but also feel seen and heard. Your experience is unique and gives you insight that I would love to hear.

These have always been our goals and policies, but in a world that can be so hateful, we wanted to address them publicly. Hopefully, I do a good job at showing our love through our actions, too. But if not, call me out. 

Fandoms offer the unique opportunity for us all to enter a new, better world. They show us light when we are in our darkest places. Help us keep fandoms going in the right direction 💙